Magic is in the air ✨

Capture the sweetness and warmth of your home. 🌟✨ The enchantment of the first cold days spent with a herbal tea, the magic of a walk in the woods, the warmth of a hug. Breathe the magic that is in the air, make the atmosphere warm and welcoming!

Enchanted Forest 🌲

Star Anise
Pine, Star Anise and Talc. The atmosphere of an enchanted forest, the feeling of freshness and mystery at all times. The fresh notes of pine intertwine with the pungent and spicy notes of star anise. Talc is the base note of the candle, creating a magical atmosphere.

Warm Hug ⛄

Vanilla, Caramel and Hazelnut. The sweetness of vanilla, the creaminess of caramel and the toasted notes of hazelnut. As warm as a blanket in winter, as sweet as freshly baked cookies, as warm as a hug that melts your heart.

Magic Infuse 🫖

Earl Grey Tea
Tea, Raspberry and Cinnamon. The enveloping aroma of hot tea, the sweet and rosy notes of raspberry and the spicy touch of cinnamon. Sweet, enveloping and fruity, it gives the environment an enchanted embrace. Perfect as a warm tea on a cool afternoon.