Collezione Estate ⛱️

⚓ Scopri la magia dell'estate con la nostra esclusiva collezione di candele, un tris di fragranze uniche che ti trasporteranno in un viaggio sensazionale attraverso i meravigliosi profumi estivi ⛵

Wind between the sails 🌬️

"Feel the wind blowing through the sails" The lightness of the cucumber, combined with the citrus notes of bergamot and the sparkling champagne create a harmony of fragrances perfect for taking a refreshing break.

Grab the helm ⛵

"Grab the helm!" Follow the route to a sweet and super fresh island! The coconut makes the fragrance enveloping, the licorice gives a woody note while the mint makes everything super fresh, creating a mix that gives intense freshness for the summer.

Raise the anchor ⚓

Sea Salt
Star Anise
"Raise the anchor!" and set off on a journey that will make you forget this summer heat! The sweetness of vanilla is accompanied by the freshness of sea salt and the pungent notes of star anise, the freshness of an ice lolly enjoyed on a boat.