Earthly Breath 🌍🌬️

This collection is a olfactory journey that celebrates the natural wonders of our planet, combining evocative fragrances and colors inspired by the purest elements of Earth. Each fragrance is a chapter in this sensory exploration, intended to awaken awareness and respect for the environment that surrounds us. 🌿

Planet Earth 🌍

Sea Salt
A tribute to our world, a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of the three fundamental elements that compose it: the water of the oceans, the fertile earth, and the pure air. The notes of sea salt evoke the vastness of the oceans, the patchouli recalls the woods and lush fields, while the cotton brings with it the freshness of the air.

Whispers of the Desert

Capture the enigmatic and spiritual essence of the vast deserts. The deep aroma of incense blends with the sweetness of almond and the enveloping notes of vanilla, evoking the enveloping warmth and mysteries of the ancient sandy lands under a starry sky.

Infinite Ocean 🌊

Sea Salt
Evokes the vastness and grandeur of the ocean, with notes of sea salt blending with the sweetness of coconut and the freshness of bergamot, recreating the invigorating embrace of the waves.

Green Soul 🌿

White Musk
Capture the deepest and most mysterious essence of rainforests, places where time seems to stand still and life expresses itself with primal force. The intensity of Oud, with its rich and complex notes, merges with the freshness of eucalyptus and the purity of white musk, creating a scent that envelops the soul and awakens the senses.

Dawn over the Fields 🌷

Orange blossom
Capture the delicate and refreshing essence of dawn in a flower field. The calming scent of lavender, combined with the sweet and sunny notes of orange blossoms and the freshness of citronella, recreates the magic of a sweet and hopeful awakening. The yellow color of the wax evokes the first sun caressing the earth, promising a new day full of possibilities.

Zenith Pure 🏔️

White Musk
An ode to the sublime quiet of the highest peaks, where the air is so fresh it seems crystalline. The robust notes of pine and the vibrant freshness of peppermint blend with the cleanliness of white moss, evoking the experience of breathing deeply at the top of the world.