Enchanted Autumn 🍯

Savour the magic and deliciousness of autumn! 🍫 Experience the flavours of our new fragrances with these candles, which give any room a warm, enchanted and delicious atmosphere 🐿️, perfect for pampering yourself on cool autumn evenings! 🪵🍂

Nocciolata 🌰

Hazelnut, Cocoa and Cookies. The rich and enveloping aroma of cocoa and the roasted fragrance of hazelnuts blend with the sweet and biscuit notes. An irresistible mix, like the hazelnut cream spread on your favorite cookie, which creates an enchanting and delicious atmosphere.

English Breakfast 🫖

Earl Grey Tea
Tea, Vanilla and Lemon. The union between the refined notes of black tea, the enveloping sweetness of vanilla and a sprinkling of freshness of lemon. It creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for warming up windy autumn afternoons.

Pears Crumble 🍐

Chocolate, Pear and Cinnamon. The sweetness of chocolate, the delicate juiciness of ripe pears and the warm and spicy touch of cinnamon. A fragrance that warms the soul, like a freshly baked chocolate cake.