Autumn Pleasures 🍂

Welcome autumn! 🌰 Each candle will wrap you in the intimate and nostalgic atmosphere of the autumn season 🍂🍁🪵 A scented embrace, to fully experience the warm pleasures of autumn

Waffle 🧇

The sweet and warm notes create a soft and enveloping mix. Let the scent of this candle warm you on cool evenings 🔥 Share the cozy atmosphere of his home with the people who make you happy, why not, by sharing freshly baked waffles 🧇

Classic 🍊

Orange and Cinnamon. The citrusy aroma of orange blends with the spicy cinnamon, creating a warm and enveloping fragrance perfect for autumn evenings by the fire 🪵 Absolutely one of our most loved candles, it invites you to fully enjoy this magical season 🍁🍂

Retró 🍫

Chocolate, Coffee and Oud. The sweet chocolate blends with the aroma of roasted coffee and the mysterious spicy and woody scent of Oud🍂 Take a moment to pamper yourself and enjoy the days that get shorter with the arrival of autumn, with a touch of nostalgia and a touch of retro charm🎙️