This collection is a olfactory and spiritual journey designed to illuminate every corner of your being and your home. Each candle is a small beacon of wisdom, love, courage, and serenity, designed to guide you through daily moments with grace and intention. The fragrances resonate with specific emotional vibrations, from abundance to gratitude, creating an atmosphere that nurtures the soul and invites inner reflection.


White Musk
The Candle of Change celebrates the art of embracing newness with courage. Its blue color symbolizes serenity and infinity, inviting us to navigate the waves of change with confidence and openness. Lighting it is a gesture of accepting the cycles of life, reminding us that every change brings light and renewal.


The Candle of Balance is an invitation to find harmony and inner peace. Its green color evokes nature, symbolizing the rebalancing and regeneration of the spirit. Lighting it means allowing oneself a moment of calm, seeking a stable center in the daily turmoil. It is a beacon of tranquility in the midst of the storm, a reminder that in every breath we can rediscover our


Earl Grey Tea
The Candle of Wisdom illuminates the path towards inner knowledge and deep understanding. Its orange color is a tribute to the warmth of accumulated wisdom and the light of awareness that guides through the darkness of the unknown. Lighting this candle is an act of exploration, an invitation to reflect on lessons learned and those yet to be discovered.


Orange blossom
The Candle of Strength is a symbol of resilience and courage. Its red color evokes the passion and determination needed to face challenges. Lighting it represents an act of inner strength, a reminder that we have the ability to overcome every obstacle with courage and tenacity.

Inner Peace

Earl Grey Tea
White Musk
The Candle of Inner Peace is an invitation to tranquility. It blends lavender and Earl Grey Tea on a base of white musk, creating an atmosphere of calm. The light color of the wax symbolizes serenity, offering a refuge of peace every time it is lit.

Bright Idea

This candle symbolizes the flash of genius that precedes every great discovery. Its yellow color represents the light of inspiration, bright and full of hope. Lighting up 'Bright Idea' is like opening the mind to the infinite possibilities of imagination, an invitation to see beyond the everyday and to transform potential into reality.