Cocktail 🍹

Bring the joy and relaxation of summer evenings directly to your home with our collection of candles and diffusers inspired by summer cocktails 🌅 Breathe in the freshness of the Mojito 🧊, immerse yourself in the tropical paradise of the Piña Colada 🥥🍍, discover the magic of the Margarita 🏝️, and enjoy the burst of fruit from the Tropical Fruit 🍉

Mojito 🧊

Refresh your home with the scents of a Mojito 🌪️ Combine the freshness of green mint, the citrusy lemon, and a hint of sweet rum. Transport yourself instantly to a warm summer evening, sipping a Mojito on the beach 🌅 The perfect balance between fresh and sweet notes. Relax and enjoy a moment of pure carefreeness

Piña Colada 🍍

Exotic fragrance 🐚 the sweet creaminess of coconut 🥥, the juiciness of pineapple 🍍 and a touch of rum. To transport you to a distant island, where the sun shines and the waves gently lap the shore 🌊 Perfect for daydreaming

Margarita 🏝️

Sea Salt
The liveliness of lemon, the crispness of sea salt, and the citrusy sweetness of orange 🍊 The atmosphere of a summer evening, with the sun setting and a cocktail in hand ⛱️ perfect for moments of relaxation and fun with friends

Tropical Fruit 🍹

The sweet juiciness of watermelon, the vivacity of raspberry, and the exotic aroma of mango. 🥭 The joy of a summer party, 🍉 tropical fruits, and carefree laughter. 🌅 A touch of tropical paradise in your home 🌴