Travel memories 🧳

A collection of perfumes that takes you back to the unforgettable moments of your travels, without ever leaving the comfort of your home 🌃 Each fragrance is a door to precious memories and distant sensations, created for those who love to travel with their mind and heart, in search of new emotions or to relive those already experienced 🌄

Tokyo 🌸

Peach Blossom
Ylang Ylang
The beauty of nature in bloom, a walk in the peaceful gardens, along rivers adorned with flowers. The sweetness of cherry and the subtle aroma of peach blossoms harmoniously intertwine with the notes of ylang ylang. A world where tradition meets modernity, and every breath of wind carries the promise of new discoveries.

Masai Mara 🦒

Earl Grey Tea
An exciting safari adventure in the heart of Kenya, where majestic nature and wildlife reveal themselves in all their greatness 🐘 The refreshing aroma of tea, combined with vanilla, sweet and comforting, is infused with oud. A journey through a land of wild beauty, rich in traditions and ancestral stories, that warms the heart and soul 🌅

Machu Picchu

With its warm embrace of aromas, this fragrance takes you on a sensory journey through hidden paths that lead to the lost city 🛤️ An adventurous blend, with deep cocoa, spicy rum, and sweet coconut. A scented memory of distant explored lands, ancient stories whispered by the wind, and the inexhaustible human desire for adventure 🗺️

Cinque Terre 🐠

White Musk
Sea Salt
Imagine lighting this candle and being immediately transported along the rugged cliffs and picturesque pastel-colored villages of the Cinque Terre, where time seems to stand still ⛵️ Blending together fresh notes of bergamot, the pure essence of sea salt, and floral accents of moss 🐳

New York 🌃

The vibrant essence of the city that never sleeps 🌆 The apple, with its fresh and slightly sweet aroma, mint adds a hint of crystalline freshness, and champagne introduces a touch of effervescence. Memory of a city where dreams come true and adventure is always around the corner, an unforgettable journey to discover New York, with all its nuances 🗽