You like the idea of creating your own range of scented cantles? Whether you already own a Brand or you want to create one from scratch, Candle Street is perfect for you!

Thanks to Candle Street Business you will be able to crate your own range of scented candles, customizing your candles from the Fragrance to the Label.

Start ligth, with no investment.

Our minimum order quantity is just 10 candles. This will allow you to start without having to invest much. Also, the more candles you purchase, the more the price will drop, while your earnings will increase!

Your Fragrances

Create your unique fragrances starting from more than 30 base fragrances and mixing them. how? We will send you a tester with each base fragrance and a guide on how to create the perfect fragrance to become successful.

You donโ€™t have any experience?

We don't want to preclude this opportunity to non-experts of the industry! We will guide you in every step, from creating your fragrance, to designing the label, to marketing during the sale, for free.

Your Brand

From 50+ candles you will be able to completely customize the label of your candle. We will take care of the printing and, if you wish, also of the label design. All at no extra cost.

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Start creating your own scented candles Brand