The Scented Candle created by you. perfect for you. made by hand. as you want. sustainable. personalised. unique.

With Candle Street you can choose the fragrances of your candle, mix and dose them as you want to create your unique candle.

Create Your Candle
Make your own fragrance

Create the perfect mix of fragrances and give life to your personalized candle: a unique creation, just like you!

Choose color & label

You can customize every aspect of your candle, from the color of the wax to the label on the jar.

Handmade for you.

There is no candle like another: every creation is unique and handmade, following your instructions to the letter.

Why a personalized candle?

Create the right fragrance

Floral, woody, oriental or fresh, the perfect fragrance for you exists, just create it from our 40 basic fragrances.

Wheel of fragrances and inspirations

Can't decide? Get inspired by Candle Street to create new and engaging pairings.

Decorate with candles

An essential object for interior design, candles not only play a functional role, but give soul and emotion to our home.

3 sizes for every need

You can choose between three different jars, adapting them to the style of each room in an impeccable way.

Where the idea was born

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Candle Street's team

We share many passions, first of all the passion for candles. We like to create, share and always get involved in new challenges.

A candle for the environment

Soy wax

Our candles are vegan and made mainly with soy wax, which guarantees a slower and more homogeneous burning.

Fragrances and essences

All of our more than 40 fragrances are completely non-toxic and free from chemicals which are harmful for the environment, people and animals.

How we make your candle

The candle is a relatively simple product to make, you just need a lot of patience and obviously high quality ingredients, which always make the difference.

A unique and special product

Each candle is made by hand, scrupulously following all your instructions during the creation phase, so there is no candle like the other.

1% for the Planet

Since 2021, our commitment to the environment has become even more concrete, thanks to our partnership with 1% For the Planet, where we pledge to donate 1% of our revenue to projects for the protection of the planet and endangered animals.

Reuse, recycle and zero plastic

We have reduced our plastic consumption to zero, and we only use recyclable and reusable materials, even in the packaging.