How to create the Perfect Scented Candle

Hello! Here is the guide that will help you find the fragrances that suit your needs and create the perfect candle for you!

First of all, if you want to choose the most suitable fragrances for you, you need to know the different types of fragrances. All fragrances belong to a family of perfumes and are grouped based on their similarities and differences.

There are four big families of perfumes: floreals, orientals, woody and fresh.





Choosing the right Fragrances

The Fragrance Wheel has been created to show the relationship among the families of scents. In the Wheel, the groups of scents that are next to each other share similar olfactory characteristics, while distant scents are less correlated.

To better create your custom candle, you just have to play with the fragrances.

If you want a peculiar and pungent, you can choose fragrances from opposite families of scents, for example, floreals and woody, or orientals and fresh.

If you want a delicate and cosy, we recommend choosing fragrances from close families, such as woody and oriental, or floreal and fresh.

Albicocca, Cocco, Fragola, Ciliegia, Lampone, Mango
Rosa, Gelsomino, Lavanda
Fiori d’arancio, Gelsomino, Ylang Ylang
Biscotti (dal profumo speziato), Caramello (dal profumo dolce), Cioccolato (dal profumo dolce), Vaniglia
Anice Stellato
Cannella, Sandalo
Pino, Rosmarino, Tea Tree, Caffè
Arancia, Bergamotto, Citronella, Limone
Champagne, Cotone, Talco
Cetriolo, Eucalipto, Mela, Menta Piperita
Caffè, Patchouli
Muschio Bianco

Choosing the right Intensity

As for the intensity of the fragrances, we suggest you to choose a base fragrance for your candle, preferably of strong or moderate intensity, and add one or two contour fragrances, of moderate or mild intensity.

For example, if you wanted a fresh but pungent candle, you should choose a fresh base fragrance, such as Talc, with high intensity, and two oriental fragrances, such as incense and vanilla, both with moderate intensity.

On the other hand, if you wanted a delicate and sweet candle, you should choose an oriental base fragrance, such as vanilla, with moderate intensity, and add two floreal fragrances, both with light intensity, such as Ylang Ylang and rose.

You can also choose two base fragrances for your candle, we recommend using moderate or high intensity, and add another fragrance, by affinity or by contrast, so that you can make your candle unique.

You just have to choose the fragrances that suit you and your needs the most and create your custom candle.

By following these simple advices you will be able to create the perfect mix of fragrances for a unique candle, your candle! The candle will arrive to your home in a few days, made by hand from us with your exclusive scent!

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