Who are we? Nice question!

If you like take two minutes to read our story below, and if you want to have a chat with us contact us!

The Idea

Candle Street was born towards the end of 2019 as an "experiment". Many candle lovers are always looking for the perfect candle for them, looking into many different brands and candles: what would happen if we gave everyone the opportunity of creating their own perfect candle?

The Candles

Once we defined the idea, we started working to make it real. We were very serious about one thing: every candle we we going to sell had to be high quality, burn perfectly, smell great and be environmentally friendly. Thanks to hundreds of tests and feedbacks from our clients, we are getting closer and closer to this result, and we don't plan on stopping there, we can always do better! For this reason, we test new techniques and raw materials every day, to improve more and more.

Create Your Candle
Our strength? Your feedback

So, as you may have understood, our clients help us create even better products. Your feedbacks help us improve, your ideas help us getting closer and closer to our mission: Create the perfect Candle for every Client.

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